This inline style makes my text color blue, font size large, changes the font family, and centers the text.

This inline style makes a filled in box, setting a height of 15-px, border of 5px groove and color as dark blue with 15px padding, 15px margin, and a background color matching the border color. In addition the text has a color of white, large font size, and text-align center.

This style sets the pictures on the left's z-index so they appear on top of anything added to the page. It also changes the position, width and height of the images as well as set up another blue background and border, and styles, aligns, and sets a 500px margin to the left side of the text.

This paragraph has been centered, and the text also has a shadow. As well, the text has been set to appear in the center of the div. That div is also styled to have a dashed border, and some padding.

Picture of Kalyn

The above picture's size and shape was altered via inline styling. This text's font-family and font-size was also (this is an h4 tag)

If you didn't notice, both the picture the text are in a div that is styled to have a solid border and color. This text is styled black.

Link to Jackson's page! This link is styled to have no text-decoration, blue color, and to have the pointer react when mousing over it.