Welcome to GIMM Garage! This application was designed to aid the students of Boise State University find parking for both automobiles and bikes/skateboards, as well as give parking prices based on the lot and notify the user of any upcoming campus events that might make parking limited or unavailable.

This app was created with the purpose of helping any student who may have difficulty navigating campus parking. Whether due to being a new student or a student with disabilities, we aim to create a user experience that makes student life easier and more efficient.

Key Features

  • Finds parking for automobiles, bikes, and skateboards
  • Finds parking based on user preferences, i.e., parking area in relation to destination
  • Tells user the price of parking by lot
  • Tells user how much they owe in parking fees
  • Tells user what on campus events are occuring and how that may effect availibility of parking
  • etc


Parking Location

The parking location feature aids in finding the perfect parking spot relative to your personal needs. Whether you need a spot by a specific building, in a certain lot, or even access to handicap accessible parking, this feature locates and leads you directly to the perfect parking spot.

Spot Tracking

The spot tracking feature keeps record of where you park your car. This way you will always be able to locate where you have parked among the sea of traffic.


The events feature keeps record of events occuring at Boise State University, notifying the user of potential parking issues in certain lots. If an event requires you to park in a certain lot, this feature will let you know!

Parking Price

The parking price feature tells the user a number of details related to parking fees. It stores the users current fees they owe, as well as shows how much parking costs dependent on the lot, events, and day.